Things I like to do to save the world today, part 1

small__4525390479 I like to go by tram in Gothenburg. I frequently do that, for example to and from work and yes, the people of Gothenburg like to hate their trams. We complain about the ticket system and the prices and the way the rather newly bought trams rust and have to be repaired.
And, yes, the trams can also be quite crowded, but that must be because we like them so much… Or maybe, because the only other public transportation are the buses and the commuter trains, which also can be quite crowded (because we like them so much?).
Anyway, I go out on a limb here and state that I’m happy to live in a city with a quite good public transport system after all. Maybe there are better systems? Maybe the public transport systems should be altogether financed by tax money or sponsored in some other way? More things to explore, I will put them on the list for a later date.

photo credit: Mikael Miettinen via photopin cc

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