UbiGo – a test of a possible future travel service for people in cities

The other day a short message flashed before my eyes on Facebook…
UbiGo wanted 100 persons/families as test pilots in Gothenburg to test a new possible future travel service for persons/families in cities. The idea is that you and your family as test pilots pay for a subscription of travels within Gothenburg. You get access to the public transportation service, rental cars, a carpool, a taxi service and also rental bikes depending on your needs. The family gets monthly “coupons” in their smartphones to use with the different transportation companies. Unused “coupons” can be saved to the next month and you can also buy more if needed during a month.
The test will start in September 2013 and last for six months.

I think this sound really interesting. I will not participate myself as I don’t quite fill their criteria for test pilots, but I will really try to follow up on this and report on the result if possible.
For those who understand Swedish and want to read more: http://www.ubigo.me/

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