Things I like to do to save the world today, part 2

One thing that I rather recently has discovered that I like to do is to buy things second-hand. Some weeks ago, I bought a purse for 30 SEK (Swedish kronor), which was a real bargain, I can assure you.
Also, if you find out that you have more things than you need, it is a good way to give things away to these shops, since they often use their profit for charity work. I did that a lot when I moved from my earlier house to my apartment about a year ago.
If you happen to be in Sweden, here are links to a few of these second-hand organizations that I like (in alphabetical order):

I know that there are more similar organizations, both in Sweden and elsewhere, but since I haven’t been to them, I leave it up to you to write about them. You could always leave your suggestions in a comment!

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