Things I like to do to save the world today, part 4… but I’m really not a perfect person!

small__4464587302A few weeks ago I read in my local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten an article where they wrote about how much electricity different household appliances can consume when they are in standby mode or even when they are turned off and just connected to the socket.

I read up on it later and found some information on the website of the Swedish energy authority, Energimyndigheten, where they stated that the average household’s standby consumption can be about 250 kWh per year. I found some more information on how much electricity an apartment household in Sweden consumes in total (3 600 kWh yearly for an apartment of 90 square meters) and calculated that the standby power therefore could be 7 % of the household’s electricity consumption or somewhere in that vicinity. It seems rather much!

I quickly decided that I would try to unplug all devices that didn’t really need to be in the socket. The TV, nah, it takes so long time for the box connected to the broadband to start – leave it in… The radio, no, if you unplug it, it loses all the channel settings – leave it in… The microwave oven, nope, the plug and socket are so hard to get at – leave it in… In the end I only unplugged the kettle and the food processor!

I read a quote on the Internet: ”Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change.” I do understand what they mean…

photo credit: Surat Lozowick via photopin cc

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2 Responses to Things I like to do to save the world today, part 4… but I’m really not a perfect person!

  1. 7 percent!! That IS a lot! Would also be interesting to see how much “unnecessary” power is used in an average household. At home I think “we” (the inhabitants that DON’T pay the electricity bill = everyone but me) are extremely poor at that. Leaving the light on when leaving a room, routinely turning on lights in the daytime, etc etc. Find out, Hildur! And keep this up – you’re the greatest! 🙂

  2. iwtstwt says:

    Yes, it really is. I will try to find out how much unnecessary electricity we use and get back to that later. Thanks for your very kind words! It’s so nice to have supporters like you! 🙂

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