How to change behaviour in order to save energy

I saw this lecture on Ted Talks, which I recommend. It takes roughly eight minutes to watch. It is a man called Alex Laskey, co-founder and president of a company called Opower (which I admittedly have never heard of before) that in an inspiring way talks about what he thinks is the most effective method for us to change behaviour when it comes to saving energy. Spoiler alert: Peer pressure is important.
In his speech he focuses on household savings, but I think this method must also be effective for the industry as well (as they often use benchmarking as a tool).

Anyway, I think that Alex absolutely has a point. To be able to change it is important to get feedback on your behaviour and to be able to relate that to a target in a good way.

E.ON, a Swedish company that sells electricity to households and companies, made an experiment starting in February 2012. They gave 10 000 Swedish households a measurement tool and also access to a mobile app, so they were able to follow their electricity consumption in real-time during a year. According to their website 40 % of the households saved 8 % of their electricity consumption during the year, which is amazing.  (I would love to read more about the results from the E.ON experiment, but that’s all what it says. For all I know the rest of the households may have spent more electricity than before…) Anyway, feedback is important!

(Link in Swedish: )

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