About me

My name is Hildur Ingvason.

If I try to describe myself I would say that I enjoy a laugh, can sometimes be too ambitious for my own good, am still a bit idealistic at heart and can also be rather stubborn. All qualities that I hope will help me with this blog!

Some basic facts: I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, in an apartment. I was born in the early 60’s in Iceland, but my parents decided to move to Sweden when I was a small child and I tagged along. I have two somewhat grown-up daughters. Nowadays, I work with IT in a company within telecommunications. I would like to stress that this blog is unrelated to my professional life. The comments are my own opinions, feelings etc.
Things that I enjoy to do are reading plus watching movies and tv series (nothing too heavy). I also like to go to the theatre and the occasional concert. In 2012, I started to exercise and do some yoga again (yay!).

Why do I start this blog? I would like to educate myself on something that I think is important, share what I find out and have fun as I go along.

All the best to you, hope you enjoy my blog and if you are so inclined, please contribute with your comments!

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