About the blog

I want to save the world today!
In this blog I’m going to find out how I can save the world, by exploring what I perceive to be the world’s problems and what possible solutions there are to them. For every topic I will ask and try to answer the question: What can I as an individual do?

I will try to this by spending about 5 hours per week on this blog. (I do work full-time, I have two children and still a long way to go before I retire and can spend more time blogging.) It doesn’t sound that much, but my goal is to blog for one year and see how far I get. Then I should have spent about 260 hours on this blog. Sounds more impressive right away!
Most likely, I will do most of my postings on weekends, since I have more time to spend then.

I’ll write this blog in English, since more Swedes understand English than non-Swedes understand Swedish. I want it to be possible for readers outside of my country to follow my journey. But please be patient with my use of the English language – as you probably can tell, I’m not a native speaker.

I’ll try to keep my posts short, simple, serious and funny. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, though. 🙂

I also want to encourage dialogue and comments!
Readers of my blog: Show respect to each other when you comment. Give credit, when it is due. I will do the same with exception of that offensive comments will be removed.

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