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Renewable energy – one step at a time!

This post has also been inspired by a TED blog post, but rather than to reblog their post, I wanted to shorten it a bit and tweak it in my own way. (Although I will give you the link to … Continue reading

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How to change behaviour in order to save energy

I saw this lecture on Ted Talks, which I recommend. It takes roughly eight minutes to watch. It is a man called Alex Laskey, co-founder and president of a company called Opower (which I admittedly have never heard of before) … Continue reading

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Which Countries Use the Most Renewable Energy? By Percentage

Originally posted on rethink. renew. revive.:
Last week I posted a list of the 5 Countries that produce the most renewable energy.  Not suprisingly, the countries on the list tended to be large countries that also consumed the highest amounts…

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Things I like to do to save the world today, part 4… but I’m really not a perfect person!

A few weeks ago I read in my local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten an article where they wrote about how much electricity different household appliances can consume when they are in standby mode or even when they are turned off and just … Continue reading

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