Things I like to do to save the world today, part 4… but I’m really not a perfect person!

small__4464587302A few weeks ago I read in my local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten an article where they wrote about how much electricity different household appliances can consume when they are in standby mode or even when they are turned off and just connected to the socket.

I read up on it later and found some information on the website of the Swedish energy authority, Energimyndigheten, where they stated that the average household’s standby consumption can be about 250 kWh per year. I found some more information on how much electricity an apartment household in Sweden consumes in total (3 600 kWh yearly for an apartment of 90 square meters) and calculated that the standby power therefore could be 7 % of the household’s electricity consumption or somewhere in that vicinity. It seems rather much!

I quickly decided that I would try to unplug all devices that didn’t really need to be in the socket. The TV, nah, it takes so long time for the box connected to the broadband to start – leave it in… The radio, no, if you unplug it, it loses all the channel settings – leave it in… The microwave oven, nope, the plug and socket are so hard to get at – leave it in… In the end I only unplugged the kettle and the food processor!

I read a quote on the Internet: ”Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change.” I do understand what they mean…

photo credit: Surat Lozowick via photopin cc

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Things I like to do to save the world today, part 3

Parts of the village at Käringön outside Orust...

Parts of the village at Käringön outside Orust, Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weekend I went on an outing with my family in a fantastic summerlike weather. We went by car to small village in Orust (a big island located roughly 80 km north of Gothenburg), where we took a ferry to a small beautiful island called Käringön and spent a lovely day. Since I don’t own a car since a couple of years back, I used a car from the carsharing service I’m a member of.

This is simply a wonderful thing! When I retrieved, used and returned the car, I once again was impressed by how efficient their service is. Most of all, I’m so grateful that I don’t need to own a car anymore. Because even if going by car is a good means of transportation, I have always thought that there is a lot of hassle involved in owning a car. By renting a car when I need it, I get the best out of the deal, an easy way of getting from A to B without all the trouble.

It’s not so cheap to use a car from a carsharing service, but it not so cheap to own a car either. According to the Swedish energy authority, Energimyndigheten, it pays off to be a member in a carsharing service and use their cars  if you drive between 2 000 and 11 000 km per year. If you drive less, it’s cheaper to rent a car when you want use one. (Link in Swedish:—att-dela-bil/ )

Here’s the link to the carsharing service I use (in Swedish):
Sunfleet has cars in many cities in Sweden. Of course there are other carsharing services as well. If you want to read more about carsharing, there’a always wonderful Wikipedia:

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Music to listen to when you save the world, part 3

What a Wonderful World recorded by Louis Armstrong. That voice is simply wonderful too! The song is written by Bob Thiele (as “George Douglas”) and George David Weiss.

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My world and your world and…

small__8679202727I found this very interesting webpage on the deep seas of Internet:

If you haven’t done so already, I think you absolutely should check this one out!
MY World is a simple survey that United Nations together with some other partners are making to find out what issues people prioritize, so that global leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the new development agenda for the world = what global goals there should be after 2015.
MY World asks individuals which six of sixteen possible issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. I made the survey and can say that I thought all 16 are very important, which makes it very hard to choose only six.

The survey continues all the way until 2015, but already now in 2013, United Nations are using the results as an input for discussions.

Yes, I can see that you think that an Internet survey is not going to get many votes from poor/er communities, but they also gather data in paper form through various organizations in these communities. They can also weight the result to ensure that the responses of poor people count in proportion to their numbers in the whole population, and are not drowned out by a large web response in high income countries.

At the moment approximately 559 000 people in 194 countries have made the survey. Are you among them or are you going to be the next person to give them your vote?

They also have a result page already and I was astonished when I compared my priorities to the overall result. Some of the things that I found important was almost on the bottom of the list.
It will be very interesting to see how this survey is used and I will try to follow this up.

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Things I like to do to save the world today, part 2

One thing that I rather recently has discovered that I like to do is to buy things second-hand. Some weeks ago, I bought a purse for 30 SEK (Swedish kronor), which was a real bargain, I can assure you.
Also, if you find out that you have more things than you need, it is a good way to give things away to these shops, since they often use their profit for charity work. I did that a lot when I moved from my earlier house to my apartment about a year ago.
If you happen to be in Sweden, here are links to a few of these second-hand organizations that I like (in alphabetical order):

I know that there are more similar organizations, both in Sweden and elsewhere, but since I haven’t been to them, I leave it up to you to write about them. You could always leave your suggestions in a comment!

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I strike gold!

Before I first started to blog, I surfed the Internet (a little) to see if I could find similar blogs or websites. I found a scant few websites and even fewer blogs, but then I realized that it really didn’t matter. If I want to research what I perceive to be the world’s problems and what possible solutions there are to them, asking myself what I as an individual can do about it, and then blog about this subject in my own way, I should just do it!

After all, in Sweden alone, there are at least approximately 32 000 blogs about fashion and design (the figure collected from,  a Swedish blog directory, May 2013). These bloggers have not been too concerned if anyone else has happened to blog about ”their” subject. So I’m sure there’s room for at least one more ”save the world”-blog. 🙂

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that, as I have started to mine the Internet for answers to my first questions, I have struck gold, which in this sense means really interesting websites to further explore. I’ll write about one of them really soon and the rest of them as I go along. small_2889870505

I also want to say that if you´re a fellow ”save the world”-blogger, please tell me! I would be happy to read your blog.

photo credit: Maria Reyes-McDavis via photopin cc

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Need – not greed!

The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed.

This quote is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Is he still right, does the Earth have the capacity to fulfil every man’s need?

The key question of my blog is of course this: ”Are there enough resources on Earth to sustain the world population of today and the future?”.

I’m not the only one asking that or a similar question. In 2009, Sir David Attenborough made a documentary called “How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?”. It is about 48 minutes, has what I think is a bit overdramatic music, but is well worth watching. I think I will write many posts about this topic – almost can’t wait…

Watch the documentary here:

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