What can I do?

small__1435314340What can I as an individual do?

In general, I think the following almost always applies:

  • Listen and learn – try to educate yourself!
  • Decide: How do I want to live in this aspect?
  • Try to act accordingly! (I say ”try”, because remember: we’re only humans after all…)
  • Influence others, especially decision makers.

It’s OK to take small steps!

Below you find some lists with suggestions on what you can do within certain areas of every day life. I know that it is not always possible to follow this advice. They are only suggestions!

Energy, if possible:
– Unplug electrical appliances/devices

Shopping, if possible:
– Buy second-hand

Transportation, if possible:
– Walk
– Ride a bike
– Use public transportation systems (buses, trams, commuter trains etc.)
– Be a member of a carpool or just rent a car when you need one
– Go by train

photo credit: arimoore via photopin cc


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